Dessert & Cookie Bar Menu

If you are looking for a way to please your guests on that special day, there is no better way than with a dessert or cookie bar. Lovely Sweets and Events LLC would love to help you with those delicious treats, display rentals and setup to give a stress free and magical touch to your special occasion. What better way to thank your lovely guests than making their tummies happy. 

Popular Desserts



-Cookies and cream

*Gourmet chocolate covered Oreos 

*Gourmet popcorn bags

*Rice Krispies treats

*Sugar cookies personalized with images, initials, names or date.

*Churro shooters

-With dulce de leche, chocolate o vanilla dipping sauce

*Argentinian alfajores

*Empanadas (Dulce de leche & pineapple)
*Mexican wedding cookies/Besos de novia
*Buñuelos de viento
*Mexican sweet corn bread/Pan de elote







-Traditional chocolate


-Cookies & Cream

-Caramel Pretzel


*Chocolate & nuts covered marshmallows

*Oreo truffles

*Popcorn balls

*Coconut truffles

*Chocolate dripped pretzels rods 

*Mini cupcakes with swirl icing

*Meringue kisses/cookies

Home Baked Cookies

-Chocolate chip         

-Peanut Butter



-Oatmeal Raisin         

-Salted Caramel

-Oatmeal Chocolate Chip 

-White chocolate macadamia nut

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Dessert Tables