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Cookies & Cream

* Cake Tastings-Wanting to try few of our delicious cakes before ordering?  You may schedule a cake tasting and consultation appointment with us at any time. You get to choose up to 4 cake flavors and 4 icings/fillings. Tasting fees are $25 but if you decide to book with us the day of the tasting, then the tasting is free.  Cake tasting boxes to go currently available.

*Unfortunately we are already fully booked and can't take more orders for the remainder of 2021.   However, we are currently taking orders for 2022. Thank you for all your support to our small business. 

Few of our favorite gourmet cupcakes 
Gourmet cupcakes are $36 a dozen

(Regular cupcakes $30 a dozen)

Cookies & Cream

 Cookies and cream cupcake topped with cookies & cream frosting and garnish with an oreo cookie. 

German Chocolate

 Decadent chocolate cupcake topped with chocolate frosting & traditional coconut pecan frosting. 


Pink Champagne Strawberry

Pink champagne cupcake with creamy strawberry frosting. 


 White Chocolate Raspberry

Our signature white chocolate cupcake with creamy raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting.

Snickers cupcakes
Chocolate cupcake with caramel filling, topped with peanut buttercream and garnish with a piece of snickers.

Apple Pie Cupcake 

 Light and fluffy apple cake with cinnamon buttercream, topped with apple pie filling.


Piña Colada

 Pineapple cupcake with creamy pineapple filling and delicious coconut frosting. 


Triple Chocolate

 Chocolate cake with chocolate chips inside topped with creamy chocolate frosting and more chocolate chips.